Consolidated Security Industries (CSI security) is an independent commercial security, fire, close circuit television (CCTV) and card access system firm.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results to our clients in Southern California. With over 30 years of combined industry experience and 10,000 installs we have developed king knowledge installing trouble free systems.


We have been successful in designing and installing solid trouble-free systems by eliminating the nuisance of after hours calls regarding false alarms. Bringing solutions to Californian’s best run companies and residential customers.


Have any questions? Give us a call, we have all the answers you need!



Understanding that trust once broken, is rarely bestowed again, we operate with integrity and maintain confidences.


We take specific care of personal, commercial and other sensitive information, we adhere to strict NDA’s – non disclosure agreements, in every relationship.


We will provide rock-solid reliability to clients, employees and our suppliers. We will do what we say we are going to do.

Duty of Care

We ensure that Health, Safety, Welfare and Equal Opportunities are common threads in all of our business activities


Innovative Ideas

Our goal is to form long-term alliances in the area of security research, based on mutual trust and technological synergies.

Custom Solutions

We understand that not all security systems work for all situations. Our brands can tailor their components around your needs.

Dedicated Support

We consider support as important as our technology and delivery process. If you need help, you’ll talk to a real employee not a machine.

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