Be in control

Access Control puts you in control. It offers scheduling features to better manage the times and days that users have admitted entry. Each door can be set for automatic locking or unlocking on a schedule.


Access control is an invaluable tool for any business owner with multiple employees. Rather than making keys for every employee and changing locks every time an employee leaves, access control allows you to change the access code quickly and painlessly as needed. But there are many more advantages to access control than simple re-keying. Access control services allows you to know who enters your building at what time, and also allows you to enable or disable various privileges with a simple click.


With CSI Security access control technology, you can truly feel in complete control of your workforce. You will know who came in or went out and at what time, and our access control technology enables you to allow your employees to perform various tasks such as locking or unlocking all entry points and much, much more.

Features of Access Control

  • Activity reports allowing you to monitor employee access.
  • Alarm deactivation with authorized entrance.
  • Automatic unlocking of doors in the event of fire alarms.
  • Employee files (entry, activity etc) added to database for easy access.
  • Multiple door access.
  • Control of schedules, late arrivals and early departures.
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